• tmb_pterry

    P-Terry, The Sweet Rapping Pterodactyl

    I put out an open call for suggestions on the social medias…this was what I got back as a response; “P-Terry. The sweet rapping pterodactyl.” So….this is what came of it.

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  • tmb_dt_029

    Doodle Time 029

        Alien head Doodle Time. Funny story, this sketch was based on what I saw when looking at a big-headed Deadpool plushie in my Facebook news feed. So yeah, that’s

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  • tmb_dt_028

    Doodle Time 028

    Because, Batman. It’s been a while since sketching the Bat. Twenty-three Doodle Times ago actually! Which may not sound like a long time, but it was over a year ago

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  • tmb_dt_027

    Doodle Time 027

      Business Bear means business…and Business Bear has had enough of your “Build-A-Bear Workshop” crap, kid.

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