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    Inktober Day 25

    Inktober presented the prompt of tired for Day 25. Well, I figured even a Hound of Hell has to sleep every now and then, right? Right??? This Inktober and all

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    Inktober Day 24

    A late night finish for InkTober day 24. The prompt was a dozen and it brings us this lovely lady as a result. She may appear a little clingy, and

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    Inktober Day 23

    Day 23 of InkTober has the prompt of *slow* and what could be slower than a monstrous slug? With split tail stingers. You are alive when it begins to eat

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    Inktober Day 22

    InkTober Day 22’s prompt was *little*…well, I didn’t like that prompt, though admittedly I did think of doing a “Little Death” to follow up Day 21’s Grim Reaper buuuuut…I went

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